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Nagahama Distillery

Shiga, Japan

An exquisite small distillery with the smallest distiller in Japan, producing type of whisky that has its own distinct flavor characteristics and notes.

Nagahama Roman Beer Co.,Ltd., founded in Nagahama City on the shores of Lake Biwa in Shiga prefecture started producing whisky in 2016. The smallest distillery in Japan does not only produce single malt whisky, but also blends carefully selected whisky purchased from overseas and ages it in Nagahama’s climate. Mt. Ibuki takes on a different character with each season. Please enjoy mastery of our blending skill and the maturity created by the severe temperature difference.

The capacity of the primary distillery pot is 1,000 liters, and the residual distiller is 500 liters, the smallest pots in Japan. Heating method is indirect by steam. The name of the still is “Aranbic”. Named from the Arabian appearance. A small still from the top of a gourd shaped smooth curve still passes through a very thin line arm and is quenched by a condenser in front of it, and the spirit comes out. The small and delicate still shape creates the rich taste that characterizes Nagahama Distillery.