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Nagahama Distillery

Shiga, Japan

The smallest whisky distillery in Japan.

The capacity of the primary distillery pot is 1,000 liters, and the residual distiller is 500 liters, the smallest pots in Japan. Heating method is indirect by steam. The name of the still is “Aranbic”. Named from the Arabian appearance. A small still from the top of a gourd shaped smooth curve still passes through a very thin line arm and is quenched by a condenser in front of it, and the spirit comes out. The small and delicate still shape creates the rich taste that characterizes Nagahama Distillery.

The Water

Mt. IBUKI is behind our distillery. The mountain is famous for great view and having rich flowers and botanicals. Mt. IBUKI constructs lime stone plate, and the water includes rich minerals. We make our whiskies from their snow meltwater.   

The Malt 

We usually use the malt made in England both peated and non-peated. In the future, We are dreaming to make original peat from domestic barley. 

Master Blender

Takashi Kiyoi, joined Nagahama Roman Beer in 1998, and involved in the birth of our beers. In 2016, He took a training in Scotland to open our distillery. In October 2016, our distillery was founded. He has been working liquor industry for over 20 years and has special experiences.


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