AMAHAGAN World Malt Whisky – Edition No. 4 Yamazakura Wood Finish

This Amahagan Yamazakura Wood Finish is a fantastic blend of malts from the up and coming Nagahama distillery. The distillery now has a number of whiskies in its range and they have been well received in Japan and beyond. This one brings the essence of “Yamazakura” – Yama meaning mountains and Sakura referring to Cherry Blossom trees – to the bottle. Refreshing aromas of wild cherry blossom combine with hints of incense, orange peel and black honey to create a fantastic overall drinking experience.

〜Tasting Notes〜
Nose: Sweet and gentle. Malt sweetness from NAGAHAMA new make. It features cherry blossom and plum aroma reminiscent of Japan.
Palate: Brown sugar, orange peel. After that, the gorgeous and elegant sweetness spread in your mouth.
Finish: Long. Refreshing and comfortable astringency finish like tea.

Non Chill-filtered and Non Coloured.
Distillery: Nagahama Distillery
Alcohol Content: 47%
Volume: 700ml