AMARÁS Verde Mezcal

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Embracing diversity, Mezcal Verde Amarás reaches beyond fixed labels. Our love is emblazoned on each bottle, with custom labels designed by artists from across Mexico and around the world. Not one label, but many. #NoLabel. Enlisting the unique visions of artists from diverse races, cultures, genders and ethnicities, Mezcal Verde seeks to amplify the point of view of our multidisciplinary collaborators. Our labels offer them a blank canvas to express their unique perspective on the world. Mezcal Verde advances the belief that creativity can be the catalyst for change, and that by freeing ourselves of fixed labels we can achieve a better world beyond one single identity or perspective.

Agave: Agave angustifolia, “Espadín”
Growth Period: 8 years
Region: San Juan del Río, Mitla, Matatlán, Ejutla, San Baltazar Guelavila, and Tlacolula – Oaxaca
Oven Type: Conical Stone Oven
Cooking Wood: Pine Tree, Holm Oak and Pepper Tree
Mill Type: Egyptian Mill
Fermentation Vats: Circular shape made out of pine wood
Still Types: Copper Stills

Nose: Gentle sweet jasmine with herbal traces.
Palate: Approachable smoky notes of cooked agave with a touch of spice.
Finish: Sweet caramel notes.

Distillery: Mezcal De Amor S.A.P.I. DE C.V.
Alchohol Content: 42%
Volume: 700mL