ASAHARA Natsu Mikan Wine Citrus Lovers

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This seansonal limited edition fruit wine is made from freshly selected natsu mikan cultivated in Moroyama Town, Saitama Prefecture, which is said to be the first yuzu production region in Japan. In addition to local famous citrus varieties such as Katsuragi yuzu, many citrus fruits are also growned in this town.

Natsu mikan is grow on the southern slope of Moroyama Town about 300 meters above sea level. Its geographical location creates a perfect environment to produce rich, sweet and sour fruits. Mikans are harvested in summer season and transported directly to the distillery to maximize the retention of the unique aromatic components on the peel, and special care is taken not to cause additional bitterness during the juicing process. Fresh, juicy and fragrant, it is the biggest charm of natsu mikan wine.

Alcohol Content: 9%
Volume: 720mL
Ingredient: natsu mikan, brewing alcohol, added sugar