ASAHARA Sasanami Ume Shiso Sour

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ASAHARA Shiso Ume Sour is a 25% ABV homemade shochu liquor flavored with Japanese shiso and ume (perilla herb and plum), one of the most popular combinations of flavors over Japanese cuisine.

The unique aroma of shiso and the pleasantly sour taste of 100% carefully selected Japanese pickled plum can be well captured.

Without any artificial colors, the sour has the natural rose color of perilla itself. An authentic Japanese cocktail sour that is usually served at a bar or tavern, can be easily made by adding soda water. It is generally recommended to ratio 4:1 for soda water and the Sour, and can also adjust alcohol concentrations according to one’s preference.

720ml 25%

Ingredient: distilled shochu , perilla herb extracts, plum wine, sugar, spices