BIWANOSASANAMI Junmai Daiginjo Matsu

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It is a Daiginjo which further refines pure rice ginjyo sake. Its characteristic is refined and it is more transparent, you can enjoy the real pleasure of the rich Daiginjo whilst during tranquility.

Grade: Junmaidaiginjo
Volume: 300ml/720ml
15% ABV
Polish: 50%

Asahara Shuzo is a family brewery located in Saitama Prefecture, in the middle of the hilly region, right above the Chichibu mountains. This green area, called Okumusashi, is known for the cultivation of fruit trees, including plum and Yuzu. Founded in 1882, Asahara brewery is run by a young Toji, in his thirties, a very dynamic person. Asahara is currently experiencing a great success thanks to its creativity, and to the wide variety of its products: sakes, fruit wines, and rice beers.

琵琶のさざ浪 純米大吟醸松ラベル

原材料 米、米こうじ
容量  300ml/720ml
アルコール度 15度
精米歩合  50%