KAMITAKA Junmaiginjo Yamadanishiki

Kamitaka Junmaiginjo Yamadanishiki uses the‭ ‬“Yamada Nishiki”‭ ‬formula. This sake is known for its elegant taste as light as water‭. ‬Suitable for drinking with ice‭.‬

Alcohol‭: ‬15‭%‬
Ingredients‭: ‬Yamada Nishiki‭ ‬
Volume‭: ‬720‭ ‬ml‭ ‬
Taste‭: ‬Balanced
Bottles per case‭: ‬6

What is GINJO sake?
A premium class of sake, ginjo sake became a possibility as brewing and milling techniques were improved and was actually developed less than 100 years ago. Fragrant and fresh, ginjo sake must be made with rice polished to at least 60%. Ginjo is slowly brewed at low temperatures and is commonly made with fragrant yeast strains and special rice for brewing known as sakamai. Best enjoyed slightly chilled, room temperature or slightly warmed.

神鷹 純米吟醸 山田錦(黒)
内容量 720ml
アルコール分 15度
精米步合 60%
日本酒度 +1.9
酸度 1.7