SHIN Brandy Umeshu (Plum Wine)

Shin Brandy Umeshu is a plum wine blended with brandy. It is carefully hand-brewed using Japanese plums and Eigashima’s century-old brand Charmant brandy aged 7 years. ‬Rich with complex aroma of brandy and sour-sweet plum wine‭, this is a truly ‬unique product‭ which is surely bound to intrigue even the most avid of drinkers‭.‬

Alcohol‭: ‬15%
Ingredients‭: ‬Brandy‭, ‬Plum Wine‭, ‬Sugar‭ ‬
Volume‭: ‬500‭ ml‭ ‬
Bottles per case‭: ‬6

信 ブランデー梅酒
容量:500 ml‭ ‬