SHIN White Oak Aged Umeshu with Whisky (Plum Wine)

Shin White Oak Aged Whisky Umeshu is a plum liqueur made with 100% Japanese plums brewed with sochu (Japanese distilled rice beverage), which is then matured over time in white oak casks and finished with Akashi whisky. Savor the rich and well-balanced flavour of citrus and vanilla with moderate sweetness, and enjoy the lingering aftertaste of wooden aroma with distinctive notes of whisky.

720ml Alc.20%

信 ホワイトオーク樽貯蔵梅酒

原材料名 梅酒原酒(樽貯蔵)、ウィスキー、ゆず、砂糖
內容量 720ml
アルコール分 20度