Eigashima SHIN Serene Whisky

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Eigashima Shin Serene whisky is named after Mr. Hiraishi, the eighth generation of Eigashima Shuzo. Mild and soft as the fascination towards Seto Inland Sea, light and smooth on the palate, just exactly the same as Mr. Hiraishi’s natural disposition in gentleness.Based on the unique centuries-old whisky blending skills and the tradition of sake brewery of Eigashima, Shin Serene whisky is carefully made by Toji, also the chief executive of Eigashima sake brewery. As a blend of whisky aged 3 years in a combination of sherry, bourbon, and Japanese shochu barrels, the fusion is well balanced and sublimated to a new level.

Suitable for neat drink or with ice. A great match with seafood dishes.

~Tasting Note~
Nose: orange peel, honey, pepper, spices
Taste: an oily mouthfeel, citrus, vanilla, light honey with a comfortable and slightly spicy shot
Finish: reminiscent of peaches and almonds, honey, mellow aftertaste

Color: amber
Distillery: Eigashima Distillery
Alcohol Content: 40%
Volume: 700ml
Ingredient: Malt, grain