EIGASHIMA Single Malt Whisky Sherry Cask 100th Anniversary Edition

Eigashima Distillery is the only Japanese distillery located by the sea, overlooking the beautiful Seto Inland Sea. As one of the oldest family-run distilleries in Japan, Eigashima holds the distinction of being the first distillery to obtain Japan’s whisky making license in 1919. To honour its long tradition and with eyes towards the future, Eigashima brought back its original signature brand’s logo and aesthetic, and launched the Eigashima Single Malt Whisky Sherry Cask in a limited capacity. To commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of Eigashima whisky, the master blender, TOJI, handpicked the top-quality single malts distilled and aged in sherry casks over 10 years from 2009 to 2014 to achieve the balanced aroma and taste for their premium sherry cask single malt whisky.

Award List
✔︎ Silver Medal (TWSC 2020)

~Tasting Notes~
Nose: Aromas of dried fruit and peat with caramel-like sweetness.
Taste: Bittersweet, delicate but strong with a balanced and light flavor.

Distillery: Eigashima Distillery
Alcohol Content: 50%
Volume: 500ml
Ingredient: Malt