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Farming rice like “Yamada Nishiki” and “Akita Sake Komachi” are used. Luxury shaving up to 40 percent of the rice, the original thorough temperature management, is a gem of a master brewer intimacy, which is a long-term low temperature fermentation.

The Daiginjo has a fruity fragrance and it leaves a smooth aftertaste.

Award List:
✔︎ Silver Medal (International Wine Challenge, 2019)
✔︎ Grand Gold Medal (The Fine Sake Awards Japan, 2016)

Volume: 720ml
Alcohol Content: 15%
Shuzo: Suzuki Brewery, Akita Prefecture, Japan
Polish: 40%
Ingredients: Rice(Yamadanishiki), Malted Rice‬‬‬, Distilled Alcohol
SMV: +3.5
Acidity: 1.2