KAMITAKA Junmaishu Mizumotojikomi

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This special Kamitaka Junmaishu Mizumotojikomi is made using a rare ancient brewing process called Mizumoto, originally from the 14th century. This process takes highly skilled brewing master as it is difficult to control. It consists of soaking milled rice in water along with a small amount of cooked rice, then waiting a few days until the water becomes cloudy and bubbles start to appear. The rice is then strained through a basket or strainer and steamed, and finally brewed with koji and the water from the soaking step. After around seven days, it will have fermented and turned into sake. Using this unique Mizumoto brewering process, sake becomes exceptionally light and refreshing with enhanced aroma of rice and sweetness.

Volume: 720ml/1800ml
Alcohol: 15% ABV
Polish: 70%