MASAHIRO Okinawa Gin – Bartender’s Batch 2021

The “floral aroma edition” is the third release in the Bartender ‘s batch series. With the smooth and refined Awamori sake as its basic ingredient, this gin features juniper berries, complimented by four select local ingredients of Okinawa – watermelons from Nakiji, fennel flowers from Miyakojima, and Shikuwasa (Okinawan citrus) from Yanbaru. Every ingredient has been distilled and repeatedly tested by our two collaborate bartenders – Tomoaki Nakamura and Manabu Oshiro, who worked together to perfect this gin. To achieve the goal of creating a “rich floral aroma and pure and clear flavor,” the alcohol content has been changed form 47 degrees to 40, giving the drinker a unique experience even drinking it purely on the rocks.

Tasting Note
Nose: The top note is a gorgeous white floral scent of fennel, gradually giving way to a sweet melon-like aroma. There is also a
fruity, fresh scent of watermelon.
Palate: It tastes of natural sweetness from fresh watermelon with the fruity aroma of melon; a rich flavor of juniper berries on the palate and a very small amount of fennel through the nose.
Finish: The body is round and light.

Distillery: Masahiro Distillery
Alcohol Content: 40%
Volume: 700mL
Ingredient: Awamori, Juniper berries, watermelons, fennel flowers, and Shikuwasa (Okinawan citrus)