NIIGATA Craft Beer – White Truffle

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Niigata Beer is the first Japanese craft beer to incorporate secondary fermentation inside the can as part of the brewing process.

Niigata Beer is a small brewery located in Niigata city, Niigata and has an annual output of about 200,000L per year. With the vision of “I just wanted to drink good beer,” the owner Mr. Usami started out in 1997 soon after the government deregulated the beer industry and survived the craft beer crash soon after. Niigata Beer is well known for their diverse and unique line up, incorporating adjuncts that have not been seen elsewhere in Japan.

310ml Alc.4.5%

新潟麦酒 ホワイトトリュフ
原材料 水、麦芽、大麦、ホップ、ホワイトトリュフ、香辛料
内容量 310ml
アルコール分 4.5度