OKUMUSASHI Nigori Umeshu

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The Nigori Umeshu is a japanese plum liquor made by hand by the small Asahara Shuzo brewery founded in 1882 in Okumusashi to the edge of the Kanto plain . The ume are typical small green plums in East Asia , which a variety specially imported from the Dazaifu temple in Kyushu is grown aroud Okumusashi, in an area known as the “hill plums .”

Harvested by local farmers then hand washed and sun dried , plums chosen for their rich flesh, will be macerated for 6 months in a neutral alcohol. At the end of maceration, they are removed to be mixed with fresh umes then turn into puree added to the liquor which becomes then a Nigori Umeshu , an unfiltered plums liquor.

The intensity of the fruity aromas of plums flesh gives a rich and generous texture, which we can appreciate the smoothness by shaking the bottle before serve.

500ml Alc.12%