SHIN Premium Yuzu Wine

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SHIN Premium Yuzu Wine uses fresh premium yuzu fruit grown in the famous region called Katsuragi in Japan. Yuzu (aka. citrus junos) is a rare hybrid citrus fruit popular in Japan for centuries and has been historically cultivated as herbal remedy. The wine’s aroma and flavor offer a rare and complex blend of lime, lemon, grapefruit and mandarin orange with tangy acidity that is perfect for seafood or served as a desert wine.

Asahara Brewery Co., Ltd. is located in Moroyama, Saitama Prefecture of Japan, and has been famous for cultivating Katsuragi yuzu, one of Japan’s distinctive spiciness of citrus, since the Nara period. SHIN Yuzu wine uses natural squeezed juice from fresh Katsuragi yuzu, brings out the fragrant and refreshing overtones of citrus, as well as the mellow sweetness of the zest. This product does not contain any preservation or artificial colors. Please be at ease and enjoy the natural flavor. Suitable to drink with the ice or with soda.

Alcohol Content: 8%
Volume: 720mL
Ingredient: yuzu, brewing alcohol, sugar