SHINOBU 15 Years Old Pure Malt Whisky Mizunara Oak Finish

Shinobu vintage expressions are made by carefully selecting quality whiskies from different distilleries, which are first reserved in ex-sherry and ex-bourbon casks, then finished with precious Japanese Mizunara Oak.

Award List
✔︎ Category Winner (WWA 2020)

Tasting Notes
Nose: deep wood aroma, maltose, nectar, blueberry
Palate: Oly, ripe frunt, Mizunara wood, milk coffee, lemon peel, leather, cinnamon, ginger
Finish: long, strong oakiness, deep floral woody scent, furriness

Non Coloured and Addictive free

Cask Type: Japanese Oak Mizunara Wood Finish
Distillery: Shinobu Distillery
Alcohol Content: 43%
Volume: 700mL & 750mL