AMAHAGAN Whisky World Malt Edition No. 1

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The first blended malt whisky from the Nagahama distillery, one of Japan’s newest and smallest distilleries. The malt series is the challenge of making a single malt in the future. We beautifully blend our new products with a selection of malt whiskies from overseas. Filled at the end of 2018 with 47% only selected malt whiskies from the own distillery and a selection of malt whiskies from overseas.

✔︎ Bronze Medal (World Whisky Award, 2020)

Nose: Orange, Chocolate, Vanilla and nuts from oak
Palate: Rich fruit flavor like orange, apple. Crisp malt sweetness from NAGAHAMA NEWMAKE
Finish: Medium, fruity finish
700ml , 47%

長濱蒸溜所 アマハガン ブレンデッドモルトウイスキー
700ml 47度