AKASHI White Oak Single Malt Whisky

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AKASHI White Oak Single Malt Whisky is a blend of 7 yr, 5 yr and 4 yr malts, from 3 different types of cask, Spanish Cherry Oak, American Oak and Bourbon Oak casks. The single malt whisky has no age statement, but has plenty of rich malty flavor and a supple fruited character.

~Tasting Notes~
Nose: Sweet, light iodine and clove.
Palate: Pleasant bitterness, full-bodied depth with spice, peat-like character and a hint of aniseed and candied ginger.
Finish: Smokey with some tannin notes.

Non-chill filtered, no colouring, additive free.

Colour: Rich caramel
Distillery: Eigashima Distillery
Alcohol Content: 46%
Volume: 500ml
Ingredient: Malt