YAMAZAKURA Pure Malt Whisky


This is the newest addition to the company’s ever-popular series, the Yamazakura Pure Malt Mountain Cherry edition. A mild, drinkable expression, featuring notes of cherry, oak, and earth. Witness the craft of Japan’s ji-whisky producers.

NOSE: The nose first treated us to a selection of desserts. Apple and cherry crumble drizzled with caramel sauce and creme anglaise, banoffee pie. Yes, for those uninitiated, that’s banana and toffee
PALATE: On the palate, we got an array of flavours that told of a combination of cask types. There was a definite sherry note that came across with dried cherries, alongside a thick creamy vanilla and macadamia nuts.
FINISH: here is a soft peat that swells towards the finish and then lingers with a beautiful serenity. Well crafted and well balanced. Light but powerful, like someone turned the gravity down and everything just weighs less.

700ml Alc.48%

山桜 ピュアモルトウイスキー 笹の川酒造

容量 700ml
度数 48度