HIDEYOSHI Matsuemon Daiginjo Genshu

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Matsuemon Daiginjo Genshu is a specially made liquor for fairs. It is a fragrant, rich, fragrant drink that cuts down 35% of Yamadanishiki. Rich and Elegant, with a punchy and complex aroma, lots of fruit ginjoka, and notes of cotton candy.

Named after the founder of the sake brewery 19 generations ago, it is limited in quantity as it is the Competition Sake submitted to the Japan Annual New Sake Contest. It is a shizuku sake. The noble aroma and rich taste are unforgettable.

International Sake Challenge 2020 – Trophy
US National Sake Appraisal 2020 – Second Grand Prix
IWC Sake 2020, 2019 – Silver

Volume: 720ml
Alcohol Content: 17%
Shuzo: Suzuki Brewery, Akita Prefecture, Japan
Polish: 35%
Ingredients: Rice(Yamadanishiki), Malted Rice‬‬‬
SMV: +4.0
Acidity: 1.0