MASAHIRO Okinawa Gin – Bartender’s Batch 2020

”Okinawa Gin Bartender’s Batch 2020” was collaborated with the head bartenders at the bar Algernon Sinfonia and BarLievt from Tokyo. The theme of the second edition, 2020, is “Herbal Edition,” and the base awamori uses fruity sake that has been distilled under reduced pressure using Ginjo yeast. In total, in addition to juniper, 5 local botanicals are used from tankan, guava leaves, shel ginger l, roselle and lemongrass.

Nose: A refreshing scent like peppermint, lemongrass, basket of citrus fruits, ginger, and guava. Ginger candy in the back. A refreshing and gentle scent that makes you feel as if you are bathing in the forest early in the morning.

Palate: Refreshing and mouthfeel. The sweetness of shell ginger is tightened with the scent of juniper and tankan, and the hint of roselle and lemongrass come afterwards and remains firmly.

Distillery: Masahiro Distillery
Alcohol Content: 47%
Volume: 700ml