KAMITAKA Ginjo 30-Year Koshu

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Produced in 1984‭, ‬this 30-year sake is the culmination of the finest rice from Miki City‭, ‬Hyogo Prefecture‭, ‬known as‭ ‬“Yamada Nishiki”‭. ‬The formula is carefully brewed to perfection‭, ‬and then stored in a wooden barrel under a 12-degree temperature until maturation‭. ‬With a pale golden yellow color and mellow taste‭, ‬this sake is truly in a category of its own‭.‬

Alcohol‭: ‬18%
Volume‭: ‬720ml
Taste‭: ‬Slightly sweet
Ingredients‭: ‬Yamada Nishiki
Only 1000‭ ‬bottles produced