SEARA Japanese Craft Vodka

SEARA, a premium Japanese craft vodka that brings chill and fun vibes from the nature of Okinawa, Japan. The name “SEARA” is a combination of the words “sea” in English and “sky” in Japanese, “sora”, captures the charm of Okinawa; the relaxation felt in the sea and the power of the sun pouring down from the sky.
SEARA is the first craft vodka made in Okinawa. Made by Okinawa local distillery – Masahiro Distillery. Using traditional techniques used to make local spirits called Awamori. Carefully blended handcrafted vodka double distilled from rice, and wheat, it has a smooth, creamy, and subtle sweet taste. A southern taste that makes you feel Okinawa in the mouth.

Award List
✔︎ Double Gold (International Spirits Challenge 2023 – Standard Other Main Ingredient)
✔︎ Silver 90pts (International Wine & Spirit Competition 2023)
✔︎ Silver (World Vodka Awards 2022 – Varietal Vodka)

Tasting Notes
Nose: Delicate sweetness and mellow aroma of rice, with a fresh scent of fruit and other essences brings just a hint of inspiration.
Taste: Clean taste without bitterness, but mellow with a slight thickening that runs smoothly through the mouth and enhances the natural sweetness of the rice.
Finish: Smooth finish with a pleasant, slightly sweet aftertaste from the birch filtration.

Distillery: Masahiro Distillery
Alcohol Content: 40%
Volume: 500mL